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Implemented projects 2017


Poland, Nidzica 
Supply, installation, starting-up and adjustment works of biofuel boiler house equipments

Ukraine, Kharkiv
 Installation of Automated Commercial Power Metering System (Continued) 

Lithuania, Kaunas
Installation of  heat supply pipelines

Lithuania, Panevėžys
Installation of  heat supply pipelines

Ukraine, Kharkiv
Installation of Individual Heat Substations (250 IHSs) in Residential Houses of the City of Kharkiv (Continued)

Lietuva, Kaunas
Reconstruction of the boiler house with condensing economizer; installed capacity  4x16,5 MW (gas/ diesel) (Continued)

Lithuania, Visaginas
Construction of the biofuel boiler house (1 x 18 t/h)