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Lithuania, N. Akmenė
 Construction of the biofuel boiler house (1 x 5,0 MW) with condensation economizer

Lithuania, Trakai

Construction of the boiler house (2 x 4,5 MW and 1 x 1,6 MW) with condensation economizers (natural gas)

Lithuania, Kaunas

Installation of the condensing economizer for gas-fired boiler (1 x 1,6 MW)

Lithuania, Panevėžys

Construction of the steam boiler house (1 x 5,41 t/h; 1 x 7,55 t/h and 1 x 1,3 MW) with condensation economizer (natural gas)

Lithuania, Vilnius district

Villon reconstruction of the gas-fired boiler house (1 x 0,9MW, 1 x 1,6 MW) with condensing economizers

Lithuania, Mažeikiai

Reconstruction of the steam boiler house (2 x 6,0 t/h) (natural gas, liquid fuel)

Lithuania, Švenčionys

Installation of heat supple pipelines 

Lithuania, Nemenčinė

Installation of heat supply pipelines