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Energijos Taupymo Centras
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UAB ENERGIJOS TAUPYMO CENTRAS is a member of E Energija Group, energy companies working in the Baltic States and Ukraine.

UAB E Energija manages E energija group companies, prepares and implements development and investment projects.

UAB E Energija employees are experienced finance, law and management specialists, having vast experience in energy sector.

E Energija Group provides the following services:

  • Produces, transmits and distributes heat energy, steam (and hot water if applicable); 
  • Renovates and builds heat networks in the municipalities;
  • Designs and builds boiler-houses and power stations;
  • Installs heat substations;
  • Has licence for electricity supply;

UAB ENERGIJOS TAUPYMO CENTRAS designs, implements and offers maintenance services for:

  • Steam boiler houses;
  • Hot water boiler houses (stationary and containers);
  • Heating networks;
  • Gas pipelines;
  • Heat substations;
  • Heating facilities for indoor premises;
  • Domestic heating and hot water boilers;
  • Cogeneration plants.
  • Construction management;
  • Technical supervision of construction.


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